Project Outputs


State-of-Play Reference and Agreed Ontology

SSP Scenario Analysis


Storymap - Land Use Transformations

Briefing on QST Methodology

Enhanced Conditionality Screening Synthesis

EFA Uptake Analysis

Other Project Works

Project Start-up Meeting with Scottish Government

Project Glossary

Land Use Change RESAS Presentation

The importance of carbon sequestration rate considerations in area targets for afforestation: a strategic analysis for Scotland RESAS Presentation

Horizontal Policy Coherence for Land Use Transformations: Initial Screening Results Presentation to QST Steering Group

Scottish Stakeholder Visions of Rural Land Use in a ‘Just Transition’ RGS-IBG Annual International Conference 2023, London, UK

End of Year Presentations, 2022-23:

1. Overview - Keith Matthews

2. Mitigation and Adaptation - Mike Rivington

3. Land Use Change Modelling - Alessandro Gimona

4. Peat Mapping - Matt Aitkenhead

5. Governance - Kirsty Blackstock

6. Story Telling - Lee-Ann Sutherland

7. Enhanced Conditionality - Keith Matthews

Consultation Responses

RSE inquiry into public support for tree planting and forestry

Scottish Government Proposals for a new Agriculture Bill

Scottish Government’s Consultation on ‘Land Reform in a Net Zero Nation' Led by Scotland's Land Reform Futures with input from Land Use Transformations

House of Lords Enquiry into Land Use in England

Other Associated Works

Attitudes and drivers of behaviours of landowners and land managers towards Land use change associated with Climate Change Plan targetsPAWSA Report Commissioned by RESAS

Natural Capital Approach

Peatlands and Payments - Phase 1 Support to Policy Report

Peatlands and Payments - Phase 2 Support to Policy Report